A look back at 2018….. Injury Recovery, Family Fun and Real Estate!

How did you do? Everyone sets a New Years Resolution and I wonder how many people get the job done? You get all fired up and have the list and as the year passes by a few things may be forgotten or half started, the latter being the worst for me! I strongly dislike things halfway done. Perhaps that is a reason why when I hurt myself, it is the real thing. I had several goals for 2018 that I might as well share with you……

The first one was to recover from my last little oopsy daisy down in Baja. Talk about a long process and now just over a year later I would say that I’m 85-90% back to where I was before the break. Nothing like not being able to walk for 5 months to motivate some intense rehab and focus to getting this goal checked off the list. My first day back on the water was pure fright and bliss at the same time. I have since been on my best behavior keeping things mellow and not doing anything too crazy. I have another year to let my brain recover and let go of the protection it has on my leg, the mental recovery is almost more difficult than the physical one.

Next on the list was having MORE FUN! Is that possible? Most everyone that comes to Maui is on vacation it seems. I get caught up in the busy busy side of life going from one thing to the next all the time. Being on the injured reserve list freed up some time from teaching to watch and enjoy my family having fun. I had to live vicariously through them…. this was hard to do but also a great experience. At first it drove me crazy- then I surrendered to it all and had a lot of fun being an 8 year old and also learned to play like a 2 year old again. My kids taught me a lot about having fun. When they are playing, there is nothing that distracts them from the task at hand. Ahhhhh the life of a child, they have no idea how good they have it!

Finally the big one for me that I have been putting off for years…. How many people do I know that love windsurfing on Maui??? How many of those people want to live here? How many of my friends and family have bought houses here? Now it is official, I am a licensed real estate agent. Here is my first listing in case you need 16 acres of ocean view in the sunny side neighborhood of Baldwin Ranch Estates, Check it out!


Talk about a MISSION having to hit the books and study. I haven’t done that since High School and I sure didn’t like it then- and twenty something years later I think it is worse! I did an on-line course that you do at your own pace- Mistake #1 as trying to find a moment to focus was quite the challenge having so many things going on. If anyone ever tries to tell you that 2 kids are easier than 1 because they can play together, don’t believe a word of that. Long story short, when I snapped my leg in half I found plenty of time to put the head down into the books and learn what I needed to learn. Friends of mine warned me about the tests and how hard they are. Some said they had to take if 5 times to pass! That scared me into really studying- and like a wise man or probably woman once said, “If you don’t’ have time to do it right the first time, when are you gonna have time to do it again!” I love that one….. so I passed first shot! I felt like I won the Super Bowl as they tell you right away if you pass or fail. I did a dance and all…… So if you want to come to Maui and rent or buy some windsurfing gear, need to learn how to perfect your windsurfing skills or just buy a house or two for fun, let me know- I’m always ready!

As for 2019 I’m gonna focus on having MORE FUN! Another one of my favorite lines is “Like your job and you will never have to work a day in your life” and that always hit home for me. Everything I do more or less I love doing. I love my family, I love windsurfing, I love Maui and the beauty she has. It all takes time, I don’t call it work though…… I call it living the good life and am very thankful!

See you on the water…….

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