2019 SIMMER STYLE - Brand Video

The NEW Simmer Style 2019 Brand Video has just dropped... make sure you watch until the end! :) Simmer Style: 'Windsurfing is absolute freedom. It takes ambition, determination, total understanding and respect for the elements. The reward is like nothing else and highly addictive. Our soon four decades of experience directly translates into the superior performance and quality of our products. These designs expand the threshold of where windsurfing can take you. And our journey has just begun. Welcome to our latest collection of Simmer Style windsurfing products. - 38 years in the making since 1981. Footage by Si Crowther and Amanda Beenen. Edit by Amanda Beenen.'

JP team PWA Tenerife 2018

PWA Tenerife 2018. Here are the highlights from the JP team riders Jules Denel FRA-41, Robby Swift K-89, Leon Jamaer G-208, Morgan Noireaux HI-101 and Miguel Chapuis E-99, Music: This is a calling by Jonathan W. Davies Video: Adrian Gonzales / Mikael Linder / @vivalafin / @intofireandwater / @pwatenerife / @pwaworldtour #pwa #pwatenerife #elmedano

Matas bay Fuerteventura

In our series of great locations around the world, this month and we take you again to Matas Bay in Costa Calma on the island of Fuerteventura. This...

2019 Starboard CarveIQ

Sizes: 104 114 124 131 141 AS GOOD AS IT GETS Plug and play freeride. Maximum performance, minimum fuss. SIZES: 104 – 114 – 124 These three sizes are extra short for more control in highwinds, making them more reactive and maneuverable. The tails are wide, making them more stable at speed with more power to go upwind a wider wind range overall. To improve jibing and liveliness at speed, more Vee across the bottom was added in the development. SIZES: 131 – 141: Sizes designed for easy planing. They are longer with smooth profiles that glide on to the plane effortlessly. The squash nose aims to reduce deadweight at the tip of the nose without affecting the ease of getting planing. As result, the boards have more high wind control and feel more reactive. More Vee throughout the board improves jibing and comfort through chop. For more details, visit our website: https://www.star-board-windsurfing.com/2019

Engadinwind – Registration Day

For the first time ever, here at the famous Engadinwind at lake Silvaplana, an EFPT tow-in competition is a fixed part in the busy schedule of this...

Team Pryde at 2018 Bruch boards Tenerife World Cup

Outstanding footage from our NeilPryde team riders during Bruch board Tenerife World Cup in El Médano, Tenerife. Riders: @cabeibusha, @alexa_g200, @robbyswift, @antoinewindsurfing, @leonjamaer, @julesdenel, @miguelitochapuis Video: Adrian Gonzales / Mikael Linder / @vivalafin / @intofireandwater / @pwatenerife / @pwaworldtour Music: The Road to Easy Street by Jan J Cyrka / Seduce Me by David Buckley

2019 Starboard iSonic

THE CUTTING EDGE IN WINDSURF BOARD TECHNOLOGY. THE LIGHTEST, FASTEST WINDSURF BOARDS Starboard’s flagship board range. Winner of the PWA Slalom discipline 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. The choice of PWA Slalom champions Sarah Quita-Offringa, Matteo Iachino, Delphine Cousin, top riders Tristan Algret and Gonzalo Costa Hoevel.

Engadinwind: Weapons of choice action soundtracks

After ten years of absence, the EFPT finally returns to the beautiful scenery of lake Silvaplana. The EFPT tow-in with € 3.000,- prizemoney will take...

The Story of a Dream

Federico Morisio (JP / NeilPryde) made his debut on the PWA World Tour in 2015 and up to now his best result has been 29th at the 2015 Aloha Classic. This year Morisio chose not to compete in the opening wave events and instead has been chasing a different dream…Federico Morisio: Here it is: THE STORY OF A DREAM - It's hard for me to...


Footage from two sessions with Jacopo Testa.
I met him the first time in 2009 in Porto Pollo. He was very small for a 17 year old kid but his talent and his moves on the water were already ingredible.
Now growing up he is one of the most stylish riders on tour.
In 2017 he became third overall in the PWA Freestyle discipline.

Produced & Directed by: Oliver Stauffacher

Edited by: Oliver Stauffacher

Part 2 – The Official Windsurfing.TV – PWA – Pozo Show – 2018

Part 2 – is Finally here!!!! Yes... Part 2 of the 2018 Gran Canaria Wind and Waves festival is OUT!!! But make sure if you haven't seen PART 1 already... check that out first! it's again 25mins of Action, Interviews and behind the scenes!! ...and it covers the PWA Pozo World Cup through the double elimination. Make sure you watch to the end… for some nice WipeOuts!! This type of video is only possible with the support of the Windsurfing.TV Members… DuoTone, Simmer Style, Fanatic, SailLoft Hamburg, Severne and of course the Beer Money Legends!!! Thanks for the support hope you like it… and If you do LIKE it don’t forget to give us a LIKE.. plus leave a comment.. we like comments 🙂 Massive thanks to Alfie Hart for Editing and Filming… the boy has put in some serious over time!! if you want to support the channel: https://windsurfing.tv/beer-money/

2019 Starboard SUP Windsurfing - Composite boards -

- WHOOPER: 10’0″x34″ - GO: 12’0″x30″ - 12’0″x34″ - 11’2″x32″ WITH THE EASIEST-TO-USE SUP IN THE MARKET The SUP Windsurfing range offers a great choice for sharing windsurfing and paddle boarding with friends and family. They glide with ease, very different from anything we have offered in the past. Starboard brought home 11 out of 12 PWA constructor titles over the last 12 years and we love getting more people into wind powered fun. To have more information about this board, please visite our new website: www.star-board-windsurfing.com/2019/boards-2019/sup-windsurfing-composite/

Sustainable Performance – Gecko Eco

As regular users of the oceans and lakes, we see first hand the negative impact that humans are having on the environment.  At Fanatic we are...

2019 Starboard SUP Windsurfing - composite boards -

- WHOOPER: 10’0″x34″ - GO: 12’0″x30″ - 12’0″x34″ - 11’2″x32″ WITH THE EASIEST-TO-USE SUP IN THE MARKET The SUP Windsurfing range offers a great choice for sharing windsurfing and paddle boarding with friends and family. They glide with ease, very different from anything we have offered in the past. Starboard brought home 11 out of 12 PWA constructor titles over the last 12 years and we love getting more people into wind powered fun.

2019 Starboard SUP Windsurfing Inflatable

- WHOPPER 10’0″x33″x6″ - iGO 10’8″x33″x6″ - TOURING 12’6″x30″x6″ ONE TOY FOR ALL THE FAMILY Compact, light and strong, you can go paddleboarding, learn windsurfing and even get planing with its footstraps and water-releasing rail Edge technology. It’s great for teaching your kids to windsurf and best of all, it rolls up into a bag and packs into the trunk of your car. For more information please visiti our new website: www.star-board-windsurfing.com/2019/

Team15 South Zone Finale – Sunday 19th August

Final T15 Interclub event for the South Zone is this coming Sunday 19th August, hosted by the awesome Watersports Academy...

Lena Erdil VLOG#25

Unfortunately, the 2018 Gran Canaria Wind&Waves Festival didn’t end the way Lena Erdil (Starboard / Point-7 / AL360 / Chopper Fins) would’ve wanted, as the Turk was forced to withdraw from the Double Elimination after breaking her foot upon landing a forward loop. Now Lena is back home in Turkey where she brings her latest VLOG to...

2019 Starboard Windsurfer LT - Video Short Version -

Back in the late 60’s, when Jim Drake and Hoyle Schweitzer invented the original Windsurfer, windsurfing took off as a sport and within the late 70’s became the World’s quickest growing water activity. The Windsurfer LT emphasises the features and style that made windsurfing so popular, enabling old school freestyling, amazing glide in light wind and versatility that only a longboard can offer. Through windsurfing or stand up paddle boarding. The Windsurfer LT gives you the tools to be part of the future and relieve memories of the past. To know more about this board, check out our new website: star-board-windsurfing.com/2019/

Sea of Galilee 2018

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Send iT Sunday – Episode 8

Yes.. It’s Sunday again… so it’s time to Seeeeeeend it! ...and with Adam Lewis making his first podium this week at the World Cup in Tenerife... we definitely Sent it last NIGHT!!!! Sorry for missing last Sunday but again It was just too hectic with all the world cups going on! Buuuuuut... I'm back on it now... although the internet is super crap here in Tenerife so it's taking a few hours to upload!!! But hopefully better late than NEVER… here is Episode 8!! Please keep sending in your clips.. even if they are from a few years ago! This is a real joint effort… as I need content from you guys at home ‘SENDING it’… going BIG… Crashing hard… or just funny shit!! I need the back ground story, names and as much info as possible… Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. document.getElementById('cloak8561fe0dfb5113651db3542b07bb3c48').innerHTML = ''; var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; var addy8561fe0dfb5113651db3542b07bb3c48 = 'Ben' + '@'; addy8561fe0dfb5113651db3542b07bb3c48 = addy8561fe0dfb5113651db3542b07bb3c48 + 'windsurfing' + '.' + 'TV'; var addy_text8561fe0dfb5113651db3542b07bb3c48 = 'Ben' + '@' + 'windsurfing' + '.' + 'TV';document.getElementById('cloak8561fe0dfb5113651db3542b07bb3c48').innerHTML += ''+addy_text8561fe0dfb5113651db3542b07bb3c48+''; with a drop box link or Wetransfer or something and if it makes the cut I will add it in to next Sunday! …Keep ‘Sending it’!!! …and remember like it… if you like it… and we love comments If you want to be a LEGEND and support Windsurfing.TV go to: https://windsurfing.tv/beer-money/