TAW – Dina Huapi – 2018

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VLOG #10

Lena Erdil (Starboard / Point-7 / AL360) is more known for her exploits on the PWA Slalom World Tour  - having earned 4 top 3 finishes since 2012. However, the Turk is also an avid wave sailor and earned two top ten finishes in the two wave events she entered in 2017.After the completion of the 2017 PWA Slalom World Tour in New Caledonia at...

Point-7 in Australia

Introducing our Network point in the Down under! This month we are introducing to you our Australian distributor. Jurgen is a very dedicated...

Severne takes center stage during 2018 LOC in Wave Elite and Woman categories.

A summer in W.A. doesn’t go past without the Lancelin Ocean classic collecting some of the biggest names in the windsurfing industry. After already a...

Simmer 2018

Josep Pons (Simmer / Simmer Sails) finished 19th on the 2017 PWA Wave World Tour, but was on the receiving end of several incredibly close heats which would’ve seen him ranked inside the top 16 had they gone in his favour.The 33-year-old is one of the best port tack jumpers in the world and has shared some of his tricks of the trade with...

Aerial Video Maui- Bombs on Hawaii (Pe'ahi, Maui) Jan. 13th&14th 2018

January 13th and 14th 2018
Bombs and barrels woke Pe'ahi up from its deep slumber. Top riders like Kai Lenny, Francisco Porcella and many more challenge 40+ft monsters on Maui, Hawaii north shore. Massive waves and massive wipeouts, check out more at https://www.aerialvideomaui.com

Fall || Winter || Collection

Loïck Lesauvage (Goya Windsurfing / Shamal Sunglasses) is one of the hottest young properties in windsurfing at the moment with the 17-year-old looking set for a bright future. The young Frenchman has already started to make his mark on the world tour with several heat victories against more experienced peers and the real question is just how...

The AC-K development zero18

As you might have seen from the latest videos, (https://vimeo.com/248002454) the new AC-K doesn’t hold back speed wise from any racing sail, not even...

The Official EFPT 2017 Aftermovie

With the beginning of a new year and a new season for the EFPT, it was also time for us to look back on the amazing tourstops we had in 2017. Adam...

PWA Youth World Cup

The first edition of the Victor Fernandez Center Club PWA Youth World Cup, which was held between the 2nd-5th January, proved to be highly successful with results being gained in every age category in the wave discipline, but unfortunately no result was gained in the slalom discipline.Over the course of the 4 day event 38 of the world’s most...


Filmed with the new Lumix GH5S.

In December I got the ferry over to France and drove to meet Thomas in the South of France. We scored a few waves and was the first chance for me to test out the new camera and capture Thomas in some pretty perfect conditions.

For filming it was pretty horrendous with constant squalls and nowhere to hide. But despite it the harsh weather the shots came out great with me the camera gear surviving the day.

Filmed with,

Lumix GH5S
Lumix 100-400
Lumix summilux 25mm
Atomos Ninja Inferno
DJI Inspire with X5

Film / edit / drone: Jamie Hancock


Artist: Noel Gallaghers High Flying Birds
Track: The Right Stuff

Collection automme hiver

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Episode 7: Downwind 360 in the straps footstraps, how to, tips technique tutorial windsurfing

TWS (https://www.tws-windsurf.com) Freemove Technique Series is a series of instructional videos. We teamed up with professional windsurfing coach Colin ¨Whippy¨ Dixon (https://www.windsurfcoaching.com) to explain you all the details about downwind and upwind moves that will help you put your windsurfing skills on the higher level! In the fifth episode of Freewave Technique Series Colin will show you how to do a very stylish trick: downwind 360. Camera & edit: Bartek Jankowski (https://www.bj-productions.com)

Mercedes-Benz Windsurf World Cup - Markenclip

Mit seiner über dreißigjährigen Geschichte ist der Mercedes-Benz Windsurf World Cup das größte, jährlich stattfindende Event seiner Art. Der faszinierendste Sport als Spiel mit den Naturgewalten. Content der tausendfach geteilt wird und 210.000 leidenschaftliche Besucher vor Ort. Dazu kommt eine mediale Reichweite von über 600 MILLIONEN Kontakten, zusammengesetzt aus 275 TV-, 1.482 Online- und 135 Hörfunkbeiträgen sowie 726 Printartikeln. Nehmen Sie die gleiche Welle für ihre Marke. Gemeinsam mit internationalen Premium-Marken wie Mercedes-Benz.

Ep-1 – 2018 Australia Training Diaries - Windsurfing.TV

Ep 1 of the 2018 Aussie Training Diaries is OUT! Well it was a shorter trip for me this year and time has flown by... so fast i nearly didn't make this!!! But i just managed to squeeze this out in time.. and i'll try and do another one as i still have some great footage (some funny shit) and Lano is coming up this weekend! Anyway it's been a classic season since i've been here in Oz with lots of sailing... In Episode 1 -A Big Gun rocks up in Town this year... i certain someone who was 5th in the world last year! - Jaeger Stone goes XXL and throws down the Stunts - Maeli gets the SAVE of the Day and rocks some pretty BIG BALLS - Avan Does what he does Best... GOES NUTS!!! - Max Mattissek comes to OZ!!!!! really? ...he's looking a bit rusty! - Kian Nails his First Forward!!!! - Anton goes for the death Push loop! - Windsurfing TV gets a NEW intern!! -Justyna Sniady clocks up the air miles - Dieter van der eyken goes full Severne and Shapes a board on the beach! - and lots more!! remember like it... if you like it... and we love comments :) If you want to be a LEGEND and support Windsurfing.TV go to: https://windsurfing.tv/beer-money/



Defying Gravity

Oda Johanne (Starboard / Severne Sails / Maui Ultra Fins) has just spent the last two and half months in Jericoacoara, Brazil, which is a Mecca for Freestyle windsurfing thanks to its strong, reliable Tradewinds, sunshine and a range of conditions from mirror flat water to cross onshore waves.The Norwegian has quickly become one of the best...

PWA Junior World Cup 2018 -Víctor Fernández Center Wind & Slalom & Wave

PWA Junior World Cup 2018 - Víctor Fernández Center Wind & Slalom & Wave
Spot: Almerimar, El Ejido
Footage: Miqueas Muñoz, Jose Antonio Vela, Jose Casanova

SIVER WINDSURFING | 2018 Maui Experience Camps

2018 Maui Experience Camp Schedule

May 1st-7th Spring Training with Levi Siver and Marcilio Browne
July 16th-20th High Wind Camp with Levi Siver
August 20th-24th Free ride and Wave Camp with Levi Siver and Marcilio Browne
September 24th-28th Preseason Foundation Wave Camp with Levi Siver

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The slalom Black Team Zero18 update

As we are already in the new 2018 season and there are developments on the team front at Point-7, we wanted to keep everyone up to date with what is...