JP 2018 RadicalThrusterQuad

RADICAL THRUSTER QUAD - According to our pro riders unmatched for real down-the-line wave riding! You’ll be blown away by your high speed carving top and bottom turns. The board provides all the needed grip, control and liveliness throughout your wave moves. It rewards an active riding style with turns that you used to dream of. Every advanced waverider will simply love them as they take his riding to the next level. Go and get radical! Riders: Jason Polakow KA-1111, Morgan Noireaux HI-101 and Antoine Martin F-193 More details:


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Fuck Code Oranje


Tow-In Windsurf Ballet

Sam Esteve F-79 and Julien Mas FRA-7 are pulling off a tow-in show at Kouremenos beach, Palekastro, Crete - right in front of the "FREAK Surfcenter" from Hannes Unterweger (jetski pilot). The action is captured from a drone. Filming and editing: David Brandner

Windsurf Ballet

Sam Esteve F-79 and Julien Mas FRA-7 are pulling off a tow-in show at Kouremenos beach, Palekastro, Crete – right in front the “FREAK Surfcenter” from...

Erik De Landmeter in Dom'kipa

Rider: Erik De Landmeter

Tyson – the US Champion

Tyson Poor US-22 is the US SLALOM CHAMPION 2017 and in FREESTYLE he finished 3rd!Here is the report from the champion:

Day 5 Hvide Sande PWA World Cup 2017


Edvan Souza - MAKE IT COUNT!

Edvan Souza - MAKE IT COUNT! | Severne SailsHome    >    Edvan Souza - MAKE IT COUNT!Posted by BenW on Thu, 09/14/2017 - 09:24Some fresh angles...

One of those sails

One of those sails

Sailing on Exocet Exo Wave 85 L , with 4.7 Neilpryde Core.

25 knots "Mistral"

Almanarre, Hyères, South France.

Captured with GoPro Hero 4 black, assembled with Final Cut Pro X.

JP 2018 SUP Surf Slate

JP 2018 SUP Surf Slate - LIGHTNING FAST The all-new Surf Slate 2018 line became a compromise between the full-on parallel rail shape and a classic surf outline. The nose and tail are pulled in for a better maneuverability, so you can fine tune better the trajectory once the board is railed up in bottom turns. We narrowed down the nose and tail, however making the boards slightly longer to compensate for the effective rail line that is engaged throughout a turn. Use the extra speed to glide across flat sections of the wave or to hit the lip with full power. The bottom shape features a V entry that flows into a deep single concave ending with a subtle V right at the center fin position. This ensures smooth lift and an easy rail-to rail transfer. More:

JP 2018 MagicRide

MAGIC RIDE - They do everything exceptionally well while everything is exceptionally easy! These wide, short and thin boards provide the best early planing, an exciting ride and unbelievable jibing abilities for all rider levels. Playful and small, they sit high in the water, delivering the lively and sporty feel which makes windsurfing so exciting. They are magic! Riders: Greta, Alara, Robby and Andy More details:

The 2018 JP Magic Ride

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Lay Down the Stub

5x Fanatic Stubby's on Crissy evening storm winds put to 80's roller skatting birthday party music.

Day 4 Hvide Sande PWA World Cup 2017


Federico and Morgan win in Pacasmayo

Federico in action – – – all photos: Si. Crowther | IWTFederico Morisio I-676 won the IWT Pacasmayo Wave Classic!Morgan Noireaux HI-101 came second.Fe...

Ross Williams Clinic – 23-27th October ’17

We are really pleased to announce that we will be hosting the inaugural Ross Williams Clinic this autumn half-term. The...

IWT Pacasmayo Classic 2017

Pro Men Results
1 Federico Morisio
2 Morgan Noireaux
3 Russ Faurot
4 Yann Rifflet
T5 Kevin Pritchard
T5 Mike Archer
T7 Jad Ghosn
T7 Maxime Fevrier
T9 Chris Freeman
T9 Benjamin Fabres
11 Yerko Radovic
12 Alessio Botteri

Women Results
1 Sabine Zola
2 Maria Andres
3 Bjoerte Purschel
4 Bettina Gonzales
T5 Annamaria Zollet
T5 Leysa Perotti
T7 Gisela Bigliel
T7 Denise Blondet
T7 Flora Vergnoll
10 Sam Bittner
11 Cecilia Tolly

Amateur Results
1 William Perez
2 Tom Soltysiak
3 Raoul Reiner
4 Joaquin Desriviers
T5 Boris Van Cauteren
T5 Jonathan Pooley
T7 Fernando Ramirez
T7 Simeon Glasson
T7 Christian Lavelli
T10 Roberto Carrasco
T10 Peter Kimball
T10 Alejandro Quevedo
T13 Omar Castro
T13 Mario Nunes
T15 Jason Hale
T15 Carlos Gomez

Masters Results
1 Simeon Glasson
2 Jonathan Pooley
3 Yerko Radovic
4 Peter Kimball
5 George Schobert
6 Moni Serhal

Grand Master Result
1 Carlos Gomez

Youth Results
1 William Perez
2 Joaquin Desriviers
3 Alessio Botteri
4 Sabine Zolla

Day 3 Hvide Sande PWA World Cup 2017


UK Tour Cornwall

North Cornwall Tour delivers!CORNWALL FREEWAVE SESSIONS We've just finished our first Freewave session in West Cornwall. We were based near...