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Après une semaine d’effervescence, la Nouvelle Calédonie résonne au son du windsurf.
C’est sur la plage de l’anse-vata que se déroule la dernière étape des championnats du monde.
Nous embarquons Antoine ALBEAU, nouveau champion du monde de windsurf slalom.
Maciek Rutkowski, 16éme mondial de la discipline et trois calédoniens: Fred Morin champion local, Stephane Vuduc et Paul Halbedel. Nous quittons l’ambiance euphorique de la coupe du monde de windsurf pour rallier l’ile de KUNIE – plus connue sous le nom de : l’ile des pins.
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After a week of excitement , New Caledonia resonates to the sound of windsurfing.
It is on the beach of Anse-Vata that runs the last leg of the World Championships .
We fly out Antoine Albeau , new world champion.
Maciek Rutkowskii, World 16th and three Caledonian Fred Morin local champion , Stephane Vuduc and Paul Halbedel . We leave the euphoric atmosphere of the Windsurf World Cup windsurf to rally the KUNIE Island - better known as : the Isle of Pines.
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Massive Attack - Teardrop - Mezzanine
Me'shell Ndegeocello - Faggot - Leviticus
Dru dru mwa tùnä gé pwara xoro - chant de l'île des PIns
Empire Of The Sun - Standing On The Shore - Walking On A Dream
Jack Johnson- Go On - Sleep Through The Static

St Cyprien le 03.07.2015

une petite vidéo sans prétention prise dans des conditions difficiles. Sur un morceau de David Guetta, un peu d'humour pour faire passer la mauvaise qualité!



LQM Butterfly Effect 2015 SUP 01


Wild Birds windsurfing movie (2006)


Relooking process

A successful experiment . The challenge : Try to innovate a board itself already almost perfect and in my personal opinion beautiful .. Added 2 side fins k4 with the help of Miro who created 2 carbon slot box tailored so as not to burden an already shape extremely light . Cut the nose of about 10 cm and remodeled with the two-component inside the reinforcing structure . Then enter the decals on rails , on the hull and above the nose . Finally the hull treated with a product derived from " automotive " ah ah :-) to achieve a mirror !
see you on the water! aloha.
Rob Dust Remix
Juri Gagarin - Wet Dreams

Robby Swift and Marcilio Browne Chile 2015

Once again, Chile did not disappoint us on our annual post-world cup wind down trip to Chile. We had some amazing sessions, almost always with hardly anybody out on the water, and thoroughly enjoyed the friendly vibe that we always experience when we are there. Thanks to everyone in Chile for sharing your amazing spots with us. We look forward to seeing you all again next year :)

Futura 114 Carbon, Windsurf (UK), June 2015

Length: 246 cmWidth: 72.0 cmTail Width: 47.8 cmWeight: 7.30 kgVolume: 114 litersThickness: 11.1 cmFin: Drake Venom 44 (Tuttle Box)Sail range: 5.5m² -...

Video - Julian Wiemar: North Germany Trip Teaser

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Yarden Meir at Sea of Galilee

Yarden Meir released a very short but nice windsurfing clip with action from the Sea of Galilee. The Sea of Galilee or also called Lake of Gennesaret...

Kabikuchi by Steven van Broeckhoven

Kabikuchi by Steven van Broeckhoven

Gozzada Burner by Steven van Broeckhoven

Gozzada Burner by Steven van Broeckhoven

Maaike Huvermann – Sardinia 2015

After a lot of studying during the winter and not a lot of windsurfing, Maaike was very happy to have a complete month on the water at Sa Barra on S...

Tango by Steven van Broeckhoven

Tango by Steven van Broeckhoven

BE Sardgena // Porto Pollo // MB Pro Center

COMING UP NEXT! June 29th and 30thJoin Tatiana Howard and other water women for the 2nd Annual Butterfly Effect Sardinia. It will be a two day event hosted at MB Pro Center Windsurfing & Kiteboarding Holidays Porto Pollo Sardegna in the north of Italy.

Kode FreeWave 81 Carbon, PlancheMag (France), April 2015

Length: 230 cmWidth: 57.5 cmTail Width: 37.5 cmThickness: 12.2 cmWeight: 6.40 kgFins: 2 x Drake Natural Wave 11 + MFC TF 18 (2 x Slot Box 10 + US Box)...

paddling using your core 2


Karin Jaggi Interview

Karin Jaagi started windsurfing in the Alps in the late 80s. She was cruising on lakes and probably would have never thought to win almost 30 world...

Kai Lenny surfs on Maui

Kai Lenny is a waterman, no doubt about it.  You can put him on any gear, a SUP, a windsurf board, kite board or surf board, it is always a pleasure t...

Marcilio Browne – Spring on Maui

Progressive wave riding on Maui featuring two of the world’s best windsurfers: Marcilio Browne and Levi Siver.  Filmed by Dan Norkunas, Kevin...