My Home Turf | Victor Fernandez | Almerimar, Spain

Is there a place in the World that offers as many possibilities as the Víctor Fernandez Center in Almerimar? Wave sailing, slalom, freeride, beginners, winging, kiting, SUP, surf... For Victor Fernández Official Fansite it is the place where it all started, and after travelling the World and visiting so many amazing places, it's still the place he likes to call home!

My videographer OLE LEARNING to WINDSURF (& catapult) | vlog¹⁴₂₀₂₁

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Foil Guide #04 - Carving

Sebastian Kornum explains how to carve upwind and downwind on the foil and gives tips on how to best use your body and hand position on the boom to get the most out of your carves. Rider: Sebastian Kornum 🎥: Christian Walter Producer & Editor & Special Effects: c:dubfilms Location: Harry Nass Dahab - Hurghada #jpaustralia #jp_australia_com #neilprydefoils #neilpryde #foilguide

#43 - Speed World Champion - Twan Verseput - The Windsurfing Podcast

Twan Verseput is one of the first new-generation speed-focused pro windsurfers and currently the Worlds 3rd fastest man on 500 meters. But is he actually a pro? What does it take to go down the Luderitz canal at 100kph peaks. What kind of gear and training does he use? Does being absolutely massive help? And what does he think about the Facebook Speed World Championships? This and much more on the newest installment of The Windsurfing Podcast! 0:00 Intro, Dutch conditions 8:28 How many speed

Loftsails 2021 Oxygen - No-cam Freerace

Making its first appearance back in 1999, the Oxygen 2021 continues the legacy of being a proven and reliable freeride design. Sporting fresh new colours for the coming season, the updated Oxygen has a higher aspect ratio that allows for the use of a shorter boom. The mast length increase is balanced by the introduction of a closed sleeve head, replacing the previous plug fitting. Luff curves and leech configuration had been redesigned to offer more solid bottom end power and a higher range of

Loftsails 2021 Skyblade - Dedicated Course Race Foil Sail

The Skyblade is a cutting-edge design for a cutting-edge discipline. With Ramon Pastor and Fernando Martinez taking 1st and 3rd places at the European Championship in Portugal in 2019, and Hélène Noesmoen winning the Formula Foil World Championship in Switzerland, the design proved its competitive potential. Loftsails R&D has worked intensively to improve the Skyblades for the 2021 season. The aspect ratio of the sail has been increased, the head width narrowed, new batten profiles developed,

Loftsails 2021 Slalom 720 — High Aspect Foil

A high-performance full carbon foil package designed for strong wind racing. The mast is produced using T700 carbon fiber composites making it stiff, durable and very light. The fuselage has a slightly larger diameter to further maintain the stiffness and reduce flex between the parts. Anhedral 720 cm2 front wing shape minimizes cavitation for a more predictable and comfortable flight. The profile is optimized for slalom speed in top-flight foil racing. Tail wing angle can be adjusted on the

My Home Turf | Pierre Mortefon | La Plage de la Vieille Nouvelle

With the PWA World Tour kicking off soon, defending World Champion Pierre Mortefon shows us where it all began for him and the World famous spot that he made his training ground for most of the last year! Fancy visiting the home of the Defi Wind? Check out Pierre's new school - Mortefon Watersports with his sister, Marion Mortefon. Filmed by Robin Christol

#3 – May – Send it Sessions

May – Send it Sessions In this Months Send it Sessions we have action from Pozo, Maui, France, Denmark, Tarfia, Tenerife and Baja! Don't forget if you want to feature in Next months Episode Send your Talking and Action footage to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. document.getElementById('cloak9aac14fcb2c1f87e1ba0aae478b46c33').innerHTML = ''; var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; var addy9aac14fcb2c1f87e1ba0aae478b46c33 = 'Alfie' + '@'; addy9aac14fcb2c1f87e1ba0aae478b46c33 = addy9aac14fcb2c1f87e1ba0aae478b46c33 + 'windsurfing' + '.' + 'tv'; var addy_text9aac14fcb2c1f87e1ba0aae478b46c33 = 'Alfie' + '@' + 'windsurfing' + '.' + 'tv';document.getElementById('cloak9aac14fcb2c1f87e1ba0aae478b46c33').innerHTML += ''+addy_text9aac14fcb2c1f87e1ba0aae478b46c33+''; Are you a Windsurfing.TV Member? HELP make videos like this possible... JOIN the Membership program :) To become a member all you have to do is support the channel with Beer Money… Go to:

Testing Fins for PWA Israel | vlog¹³₂₀₂₁

Don't want to miss out on the new cap & hoodies? Sign up for the newsletter → #MakeWindsurfingGreatAgain Find me on IG → My Partners: 🎥 Filmed on Lumix S1H Leo → 🎞 Edit by: 0:00 Get ready for Tarifa 30 knots 1:11 Introduction: Ludovic Jossin (Chopperfins) 2:15 These are my

Loftsails 2021 Race 920 — High Aspect Foil

A highly efficient full carbon foil package dedicated to race performance even in lighter winds. Giving it top-tier stiffness but keeping flex to a minimum, the foil mast is manufactured using M40J high-modulus high-strength carbon fiber composites. To stay really tight upwind or to dive into deep downwind angles, the foil is equipped with an anhedral 920 cm2 front wing. Tail wing angle can be adjusted on the beach or even in the water, which is critical to race performance. No spacers are

Duotone Windsurfing | Learn to Foil Series 2.0 | Episode 5 | Foiling in High Winds

As foiling becomes more popular, we are pushing ourselves and our equipment to the limits. In this episode, Jordy explains how to tune your equipment to be able to sail in higher winds and how to adapt your existing setup to give yourself a bigger wind range.

Duotone Windsurfing | Learn to Foil Series 2.0 | Episode 4 | Upwind and Downwind

The best part about the foil for many people is the opportunity to explore the area you are sailing in - whether that's covering the entire lake or adventuring up and down the coastline. To be able to go anywhere you want you need to be able to sail upwind and downwind. In this episode, Jordy teaches you the technique for sailing efficiently up and down and gives you the key tips to unlock your full foiling potential.

Duotone Windsurfing | Learn to Foil Series 2.0 | Episode 6 | How to go Fast on the Foil

It's the one we've all been waiting for - in the final episode of our learn to foil series 2, Jordy Vonk teaches you how to go fast on the foil! With tiny movements, Jordy explains his top tips to help you be quick but with control and be the fastest person on the spot!

Foil Guide #03 - Take Off

Sebastian Kornum explains how to get your board up onto the foil and flying. Check his tips how to prevent wheelies: Sheet in and bear off to de-power the foil! Rider: Sebastian Kornum 🎥: Christian Walter Producer & Editor & Special Effects: c:dubfilms Location: Harry Nass Dahab - Hurghada #jpaustralia #jp_australia_com #neilprydefoils #neilpryde #foilguide

Foil Guide #2 - Carrying

Sebastian Kornum explains how to carry your foil to the beach when disconnected from the sail and how to enter and exit the water with the full rig. #neilpryde #jpaustralia #foilguide

#42 Timo Mullen - MOST DEDICATED WINDSURFER OF ALL TIME? - The Windsurfing Podcast

0:00 Intro, most enthusiastic windsurfer? 4:56 Crazy travel stories 13:14 Ireland, Lanzarote story 20:12 Competition history/stories 29:06 Competition v Road Trips 33:06 How do keep your life flexible? 41:20 Foamlife, the windsurf community 49:10 Ryanair story, how much time do you sail? 56:12 Best waves sailed 1:08:30 Bucket list, epic places 1:16:28 Scary stories, Jaws, Oman 1:21:55 Keeping motivated 1:28:00 Quickfire Timo Mullen is the most passionate windsurfer we know. His whole life, his

Windsurfing Girls

When Alexia Kiefer Quintana (Fanatic / Duotone) made her debut on the PWA Wave World Tour in 2019 she made quite an impression as the then 14-year-old battled back through the Double Elimination to claim an eye catching joint 5th place at the Gran Canaria Wind & Waves Festival. Since then, sadly there hasn’t been anymore contests,...

#106 – Crazy Windy and Big Crashes – Send it Sunday

It's Sunday and we're are back and going to Send it HARD!!!! Plus one Member WINS A Simmer Style SAIL!!!!! To Help and Support Marijn Kluijfhout (featured in this weeks Send it Sunday" his Go Fund me link is Below: If you would like to more about Marijn Kluijfhout and the FULL story there is a video here: Are you a

Dyno board setup with SImon Bornhoft part 14 – carving downwind 360

Authors: Kurosh...