Slaalom EMV 2021 III

Slaalomi EMV III etappi jäävad iseloomustama päike, sügiseselt soe ja tuuline ilm. Tuulevahemik jäi 9-13 m/s ja loodetuul pakkus Vormsilt saabunud mererohupallide näol korralikku loteriid võistlejatele. Võistlusest võttis osa ka põhjanaabrite juurest tulnud " jokker"  Marianne Rautelin FIN13, kes pakkus korralikku konkurentsi ka meestele. Peeti 6 võistlussõitu ja neist 2 mahaviskamist. Erilist rõõmu tegid uued slaalominoored - Liisa Marii Kalk ja Miia-Liis Hamm, kes näitasid, et

Slaalomi EMV 2021 II

Tuuletugevus jäi 8-14 m/s piiridesse ning üle maa voogav tuul jättis ka mere suhteliselt siledaks. Sõidud toimusid kahes fleedis ning lisaks päikesele ja soojale ilmale rõõmustas osalejaid tervelt 8 võistlusringi.

Kode insane: the custom relooked project

My friends here we are. The New Cattazen Wave board are born (ex Starboard kode). Five, Four, Three, Two, Single fin box. 229 x 60,5 x 87 litres. This is the basis of the crazy project. Unique object, conceived and created at home during the dark days of 2020... Insane. ...Waiting for the best times. Now I can take the freedom we deserve made of wind, sun and waves, fucking waves. This is enough to make us happy. Tutto il resto è noia. Fuck everything!!

Pirita Surf


Wave in Haakgat

A slomo of a sunset wave in Haakgat on action cam

Breve storia del Surf

La vera breve storia del surf secondo iSurf

Solstice Platboom

A day in Cape Point Natural reserve enjoying the fickle and unreliable NWerly wind in Platboom, with Ponta Preta one the best left handers this world has to offer.

Rinlo En Galicia

Unable to tackle the Illa Pancha's wave because the swell was unfortunately badly oriented, Thomas Traversa F3 will be confronted, a few kilometers away, with the Rinlo wave.

Bêtisier de Noel 2020


some straight jumps

lake constance march 2021

You Do Not Talk About FIGHTCLUB

1st RULE: You do not talk about FIGHT CLUB. 2nd RULE: You DO NOT talk about FIGHT CLUB. 3rd RULE: If it´s northeast, you have to go. 4th RULE: Only two guys on the wave. 5th RULE: One cutback at a time. 6th RULE: No lifewest, no kiteshorts. 7th RULE: Surf will go on as long as there are wind and waves. 8th RULE: If this is your first time at FIGHT CLUB, you HAVE to surf.

Gloria in Excelsis Deo

The majestic beauty of eLands Baai

Marc Paré Rico in Carro


eBaai Wave 2


Dance Above The Water

Giovanni Costa Filmmaker 2 September · Quattro giornate di shooting e tanta musica ascoltata per dare una colonna sonora a questo video per #gunsails, al quale non volevo dare la solita impronta extreme, ma volevo distaccarlo da quest'ultima e renderlo un mix di armonico e nostalgico Shoot with: Sony a6500 16-50mm Water Using: Seafrogs

Dancing on ice @ Mellsten, Espoo Finland

Hiberna Ice Board. #icesurfing #icewindsurf #wintersurfing #winterwindsurf #mellsten

Surf all'Italiana - Episode One

2017, this was my first work as filmmaker, and it was the experience that made me realize how beautiful is to shoot sports, especially water sports. Everything was born for having fun. The character of the documentary and I met each other and I told him:"Hey you're good with the windsurf and I'm good with cameras, let's do something together". All the documentary was shoooted just with three Gopro (at that time I only got those), and it tells the beginnings of the character as windsurf athlete

I Pirati di Cala della Morte

Una giornata passata a soffià nelle vele . .

We Love Windsurfing

A video that is detached from the technical part of the windsurf, but resume the joy and the happiness of this sport

Hawaian Delight

Maui: a family friendly island

Windsurfing Homespot

Video made for Gun Sails. A day of storm in my town, Formia, many wawes and my friend, the athlete Nicola Spadea windsurfing our homespot. This was the first time I tried the 100 fps in my gear Shoot with: Sony a6500 55-210