Getting tweaked with a tabletop

Start by finding a steep piece of chop. You need to get some height to make it worth your while. When finding your ramp, see it and bear off towards it. By bearing off, this makes it easier for you to get a good tweak on you table. Once you leave the wave, kick your feet up and to the side while bringing your boom down. Pull on your boom while at the same time kicking your feet trying to extend your back leg all the way up and over. The goal is to have the nose of your board upside down and pointing at the water. Once you have locked yourself up, You need to unwind by doing the opposite of what you just did. Bring your feet back down and pull your booms back up so that you can get back under your rig and touchdown with ease.

The table top is a move that goes way back. These days, they have gotten more and more tweaked. There are still a lot of points going out to the guy or girl with the sickest tabletop.

It is best to start out slowly and keep tweaking it harder and harder. It helps if you look back to the beach as you are doing your kick. A good tip is to slide your back hand close to the mast as you come down for landing. This will depower the sail and allow you to land a bit softer. Sometimes you don’t get as tweaked as you feel, so once you think you have it mastered, kick it harder!


PIC: One of my favorite angles of how your board should be tweaked! This is an older shot and is still pretty sick!




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