2020 Ultra Kode

Our 2020 Waveboard the UltraKode is out Now ! Starboards Magic Waveboard and a test winner, the UltraKode is the ultra-allrounder. Thruster, quad or twin, it’s the dream wave board by the Dream Wave Team. Five light weight Starboxes weigh the same as three regular fin boxes, so versatility doesn’t come at a price. The choice of Jaeger Stone and Wave World Champion Philip Köster. WHAT’S NEW? The UltraKode shapes enter their second year with withupdated graphics and an ultra-durable construction that is made stronger again for 2020. The rounded-pin tail shape makes turning easier, giving more confidence and making it easier to commit in the bottom turns and cutbacks. They are more forgiving on the waves and easier to ride. “Fell in love with it straight away. In comparison to my previous 72 and current boards I felt like I didn’t have to rely as heavily on my fins to hold through the turns, and could actually use the rail, keeping it engaged for longer and getting more out of the turn. Could do short sharpturns, vertical turns and release when I wanted as well.” Jaeger Stone, on the new UltraKodes Check out all the details on our Webpage: https://windsurf.star-board.com/products/ultrakode/