Colin Whippy Dixon LIVE Coaching 26/04/2020

Colin Whippy Dixon from going LIVE from TWS center for online coaching session. !!!! Open the SHOW MORE below to click the timecodes for topics !!!!

1:55 Differences in extensions

3:00 Differences in harness lines

4:40 U-joint

7:05 General tips

8:53 Footstraps size

11:24 Jibe tips

17:13 Tack tips

20:34 The best size sail to learn a forward loop

22:03 Tips on early planning

28:58 Tips on jumping

31:48 Going upwind in marginal wind conditions

36:38 More speed on the slalom

38:37 Shove-it

40:52 Change the feet or sail first during the jibe

43:00 Safety tips, self rescue

46:03 Big footstraps

48:50 Heli tack practice inland

51:50 Avoiding catapult in gusty winds

54:13 Top tips for the first time going into the waves

57:40 Forward loop

1:02:45 Tips to improve maneuvers and jumps on the "bad side"

1:05:36 Tips for super choppy conditions

1:07:05 How many boards a proper wave sailor should have

1:10:58 Tips for learning to jump