#45 - I went so FAST... all my hair Blew OFF!!! - Speed sailor - Fred Haywood

Windsurfing legend Fred Haywood joins the podcast and tells us some great stories, from swimming greatness with Mark Spitz to the early days of big wave riding in Maui. Fred has the kind of attitude that take people places and he leads by example, so when he decided to be the fastest windsurfer in the world it wasn't long before he set the new record and burst through the 30knt barrier in the early eighties!

Then locked in a battle for the outright sailing record Fred tried out all kinds of weird and wonderful designs on the windsurfer. Now Fred living on Maui has a book out and tells us what to expect in it. This is one podcast Maciek takes the backseat and lets Fred do the talking.

0:00 Intro, First windsurfing experience

6:49 Swimming with Matt Spitz

19:09 The new book 'Racing with Aloha'

23:42 Laird session, mega windy story

26:55 Biggest wave story

36:08 Following dreams, facing fears

47:28 Speed sailing, Weymouth record

1:02:25 Speed gear, biggest crash

1:09:26 Windsurfing today, how Fred see's it

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