#46 - Peter Thommen - The Windsurfing Podcast

Peter Thommen has been making windsurf boards for over 40 years and in this podcast he goes back to the start when it all began... from his first jobs with Hifly and F2, working with a young Bjorn Dunkerbeck and then on to starting his own brand. More recently Peter has been making custom boards clients but is still as sharp and knowledgeable about the industry than just about anyone!! Maciek gets a full lesson here on the things to consider when designing boards, question is how good a student was Maciek?

0:00 Intro, First board, Hifly job

12:00 F2 Job, Young Bjorn days

22:10 Design, process with Bjorn

32:50 Top designs for market, materials

42:05 Why the success? Magic boards

51:05 New boards better? Board lengths

1:00:52 F2 riders, end of an era

1:14:40 T1 challenge, Market driven designs, custom builds

1:27:25 Brunotti, Ricardo and industry comparisons

1:36:00 Building sustainable but fun boards.

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