UltraKode 2022 - THE LIGHTEST EVER


It’s the lightest wave board we ever made. Heck, the lightest one to ever exist on planet Starboard. Why would you want a lighter wave board? Simple: You can jump higher, react faster and control better.

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65 · 72 · 78 · 82 · 86 · 93 · 100

65 & 72 Wildcard

Are boards designed for lighter riders to be able to make turns like heavier riders on bigger boards. They are extremely light and easy to control even in stormy conditions.

78 & 82

Are designed by Mark Stone. They cover the biggest range we’ve ever seen on low volume wave boards. While you’ll love the performance on less windy days or less powerful waves, we didn’t give away any versatility. Performing radical turns and controlling higher jumps will be easier.

86, 93 & 100

Are ultra-compact boards that provide enough stability for slightly heavier riders or less windy days. Thanks to an overall length of only 218cm you’ll be astonished by its control, even on the windiest of days. Thin rails and a slight tail kick make your tight turns as easy as possible. By positioning the V on the centre, the board will give you plenty of speed through the chop.