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How to change your life: Become a windsurfing Instructor in Greece!

There is no better job than being paid to do something you love. Becoming an RYA windsurfing Instructor in Greece will allow you to get paid to travel and work, meeting like-minded people along the way. You are sharing your skills, teaching others and watching them grow. Plus its a great way to push your own personal level while at work!

Have you got a desire to work and travel?

Watersports nomad based at Club Vass have a range of courses for all abilities and backgrounds.

This is the only instructor training program in Vassiliki, Greece; the watersports mecca of Europe. Vassiliki is perfect for all abilities; there are conditions for all levels. Training and working here will give you the opportunity to work and network with a wide range of watersports enthusiasts. Not only will you have a lovely old time you never know where this will take you next!


How to become a windsurfing Instructor:

Being a competent windsurfing instructor is more than just being hot on the water, (although that is important). The full skill set includes; teaching a range of lessons in a range of conditions, safety boat driving, running the lookout tower, meet and greet new guests, rigging of kit, hosting parties and welcome drinks and everything else that results in your clients having a safe and lovely old time!

Do you need the full package?

Watersports Nomad has the RYA Windsurf and SUP Instructor Course that really does contain absolutely everything you need to become a fully qualified instructor in 2 watersports. There is no previous experience required, only a passion to be on the water in the sunshine! There is lots of personal coaching to get your own windsurfing to the highest level possible. This course has the added extras of E-foiling and E-mountain bike tours included.


Are you already a Competent Windsurfer?

The Fast-track RYA windsurfing Instructor course is all inclusive for windsurfers with harness experience in stronger wind. This course contains the RYA Powerboat license (valid for life) and rescue boat skills as well as First aid training with detailed scenarios and the essential RYA safeguarding training. As well as lots of coaching on your personal Sailing.


Want to go straight teaching in High wind?

Watersports Nomad has a special course which fast tracks you to teaching high wind windsurfing. This course is totally unique and includes the opportunity to become an RYA Start windsurfing instructor, and then gives you everything required to become an RYA intermediate Instructor. This allows you to teach Harness, planning, foot straps in high wind and get paid! This course is not for everyone but really right for some, you know who you are!


Want the ultimate Watersports Experience?

If you want to gain 4 watersports qualifications and become the most qualified you possibly can be while having an amazing time. Watersports Nomad have their biggest and best course. This gets you qualified in Windsurfing, SUP, Dinghy sailing and catamaran sailing. This course really does take you from Zero to Hero making you the most qualified dude on the beach!


Where to Stay in Vassiliki?

Watersports nomad have the cheapest best equipped self catering accommodation. Their apartment block is right in the centre of town near to all the shops, bars, restaurants and bakeries. It's just a 10 minute walk along the beach to the windsurf Club where all the training takes place.


Are you planning a Gap Year?

There is no better way to get a well earned break from studying and escape to the sunshine. After gaining their WaterSports Instructor qualifications most students go back to the Mediterranean to work as an instructor during the summer, and others travel to Australia and the Caribbean during the European winter.

Why Train at Club Vass?

Club Vass is the most well known windsurf School in Europe. They have 250 brand new boards and sails every year, rigged and ready to go on the beach! Watersports Nomad students benefit from the opportunity to test all the kit in the range and sail until Sun goes down!

There is also a fantastic social scene in Vass. Needless to say many graduates stay on and work at Club Vass for a season or two!


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